Work vs Welfare Trade-Off 2013

theworkversusHow pathetic it has gotten in America when you can actually make more money drawing a check for nothing from the government than to earn a decent living.


If you look at this as an hourly wage, it is easy to see that welfare pays more than a minimum-wage job in 33 states—in many cases, significantly more. In
fact, in a dozen states and the District of Columbia,
welfare pays more than $15 per hour.




Hourly Wage By State

If one compares the wage-equivalent value
of welfare to median work-related income welfare actually pays better in eight states, and nearly as well in
numerous other states. Indeed, in 11 states, welfare pays more than the average pre-tax first-year wage for
a teacher. In 39 states it pays more than the
starting wage for a secretary. And, in the
three most generous states, a person on
welfare can take home more money than an
entry-level computer programmer.


Hourly Wage By State2


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Lets all just go on welfare. But wait, who will pay for ObamaCare?


  • Angry American

    This is proof why the majority of those over educated, under 40 still live with their mommies and can’t figure out basic functions.

  • eagle keeper

    These cream puffs have probably never been taught about standing on their own two feet and facing life head on. The best example I can give is when I was about at the age of accountability, my father asked me a question. He said son, do you think anyone in the world owes you anything? His answer was rather startling. I didn’t expect what he was about to say. He said, if you do you are damned badly fooled. Scripture clearly tells us that if we don’t work, well we don’t eat.