These Illegal Aliens Deserve Nothing!

By Joe Otto

Illegal immigrationAre you watching what is going on at the southern border. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands of illegal aliens are crossing the border and deliberately trying to be caught. Since April, federal agents have apprehended 300,000 illegal aliens in the United States.


Instead of turning these people around and sending them back to where they came from, the Obama administration is catching and releasing them! Not only that, but also these illegals are being given one-way tickets to wherever they want to go in the United States.


These illegal aliens know this. They know that the Obama administration wants to let them in and that the politicians in Washington D.C. are too spineless to do anything to stop it.


What the hell is happening to our country? Is this even a country anymore? Can you have a country without borders?


I look at everything that is happening, and it makes me feel incredibly powerless. We have a President who is LITERALLY giving taxpayer-funded lawyers to these illegals so they can fight their deportations. We have a government that pretends to be surprised about the border surge when in reality, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency published a job listing last January for escorts to lead unaccompanied illegal aliens across the country.

ICE joblistingThat’s right: if this is such a surprise to see 50,000 illegal alien children cross the border, why was ICE looking to hire people to escort these unaccompanied illegals months ago?



The above picture shows a job listing posted on the government’s employment website. As you can see, back in January, the federal government somehow expected a 60k surge of illegal alien children crossing the border. Why else would they put out a listing in search of an escort service???



This whole thing is a sham! The federal government is helping these illegal aliens settle across the country! And instead of deporting these people back to their country of origin, the Obama administration is just giving them amnesty!



Tell Congress to close the Central American loophole and deport these illegals IMMEDIATELY!


For months, we have been warning that Obama was prepared to unilaterally hand out amnesty to illegals. The President himself even admitted that he plans to do this.


We need to stop thinking that amnesty is on the horizon because it is being handed out right now!


Tens of thousands of illegals are being permitted to remain in the United States because of an exemption within the law.


When a Mexican citizen attempts to illegally enter into the U.S. and he or she is caught, that person is almost immediately returned to Mexico. Since the United States shares a border with Mexico, that deportation is simple.


But when it comes to Central and South American illegal aliens, especially unaccompanied minors, the deportation law is different. Since the United States doesn’t share a border with these countries, and Mexico refuses to receive citizens from other countries, the United States is left in a tough spot. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 was designed to protect individuals who were trafficked into the United States from Central and South America. The law is designed to protect victims of human trafficking, however, it is now being used as a loophole to get illegals amnesty! Everyone entering the country is claiming to be a victim so they can take advantage of our generosity.


So, the solution is simple: change the portion of the law to allow Central and South American immigrants to be deported immediately! Even Sen. John McCain, who is by all means a RINO, is introducing legislation to immediately deport these illegals.


We know for a fact that the vast majority of these illegal aliens will never show up for their court dates. Border Patrol’s data shows that more than 90% of illegal aliens who receive a court date never show up!


It is getting to the point where illegal aliens are actually surprised that they are being detained. Many illegals have been telling border patrol that they didn’t even expect to be detained. They expected to just be let go.


But the detainment is just a façade. Every single one of these illegal aliens will be released and instructed to show up for a deportation hearing in front of a judge. Only problem? The courts are so backed up that these deportation hearings wont take place for another THREE years!


The solution is deportation… NOW! I don’t care how young these illegal aliens are… they are taking advantage of our generosity in order to get amnesty and disappear into society. They don’t have a right to be here. The only thing they deserve is a flight OUT of the country!


And the fix is incredibly simple: repeal or amend the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 and this problem stops! Get rid of the incentive for these illegals to come here and the flow will stop!


Barack Obama asked Congress for $3.7 Billion to address the illegal immigration problem, except only a small fraction of that would be used to deport these criminals. The majority of it would be used to house and care for these illegal aliens.


This is UNACCEPTABLE! Not one more dollar should be spent on housing these illegal immigrants. Instead of flying them across the country, they should be put on an airplane back to their home country. Period!


Tell Congress to close the Central American loophole and deport these illegals IMMEDIATELY!

  • Mad American

    wow, this world is so messed up, on top of it already being messed up, obama wanting to house these immigrants makes even more messed up, i mean he wants to pay for their house, why not pay for my house also ? its only fair, it may not seem like a good reason to send them back to their country but them living here makes our life harder and us as americans paying taxes and paying for our food is hard as it is and knowing that illegal people don’t have to work for anything they have and don’t have to work hard to live here pisses me off, they need to get sent back NOWW, and we need a better president , screw Obama!! illegals don’t deserve anything but a plane ticket home , as said in this article

  • MacD’s Girl

    Yeah but someone that has worked their entire life and paid into the system falls on hard times. Tough shit you are on your own. Get up off your ass and make something happen, all the while we are making living wage below average because all the ppl get a check from the government for food, medical and rent. While the rest of us Bozos need to keep on pushing and pay more taxes